Michael E. Goggin, Ph. D.


The header image is part of a photo of an auroral display taken from my backyard just outside Kirksville, MO on 8 November 2004.

Office: 3172 Magruder Hall
Research Lab: 3147 Magruder Hall
Office Hours: During finals week, I will be on campus most of the day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. After finals, I will be on campus at irregular times. Please send me an email if you wish to communicate with me.

e-mail: mgoggin_at_truman_dot_edu
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Curriculum Vitae

Fun with Optics

Question:  What is producing the difference between the left photos and the right photos?  Although the two pairs of photos were taken years apart, the individual photos in each pair were taken within minutes of each other.  The answer is at the bottom.

Useful/Interesting Links

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Answer to question:  The pictures on the left were photographed with a polarizing filter oriented to block vertically polarized light and the photo on the right had the filter oriented to block horizontally polarized light.

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