Michael E. Goggin, Ph. D.

Physics 195 Labs 2019

I will post the labs for this course here each week.

Lab12-Pressure vs. Temperature and the Absolute Zero of Temperature(04/15/2019)

Lab11-The Harmonic Oscillator(4/8/2019)

Lab10-Archimedes’ Principle (4/1/2019)

Lab9-Moment of Inertia and Rotational Energy (3/25/2019)

Lab8-Collisions Revisited (3/18/2019)

Lab7-Collisions (3/4/2019)

Lab6-Conservation of Energy and Projectile Motion (2/25/2019) (Corrected, 2/25/2019)

Lab 5-Centripetal Force (2/18/2019)
xkcd: Centrifugal Force

Lab 4 session used to catch up for classes cancelled due to weather shenanigans.

Lab 3-Newton’s Second Law (2/4/2019)

Lab 2-Measurements (1/28/2019)

Measurements and the Theory of Errors (Background reading for Lab 2)

Lab 1-Spreadsheet (Updated 1/16/2019)(Due 1/28/2019) Email your completed spreadsheet to me. Name your spreadsheet “Lab1_Surname.ext” where Surname is your surname and ext is the file extension for the file format of your spreadsheet program.

Lab Syllabus