Physics 310 – Spring 2022

Syllabus РStandard University Policies

Useful Links

Ten Simple Rules for Better Figures

MIT Junior – Lab Notebook Guidelines This is a short guide to keeping a lab notebook for the MIT equivalent to our Advanced Lab. It has some useful advice.

Copy edit marks This is a short list of handwritten copy edit marks that I may use when grading your lab reports.

NIST Physical Reference Data

How to Calculate Local Acceleration of Gravity

NOAA Surface Gravity Prediction Site

NWS Local Forecast Page for Kirksville, MO

Octave Information

Octave is a system for efficiently writing programs to do mathematical calculations. It is very good at manipulating columns of data. Its syntax is very similar to the commerical software, Matlab, which is used in many research and development organizations. More information can be found at the links below.

Main Octave webpage:

Octave Tutorial Page (This also has directions for installing Octave on a Mac but is kind of old so it may not work anymore. I don’t have a Mac.)

Octave has similar syntax to Matlab. You can download a nice introduction to Matlab here:

Octave for Windows

Octave for linux should be available in your linux distribution’s repositories.

An online octave system is available here:

Note, verbosus also has an online LaTeX system.