Michael E. Goggin, Ph. D.

Physics 320 Homework 2020

Unless otherwise stated the following assignments are from “Electronics, A Systems Approach” by Neil Storey. Because you may use the 4th, 5th, or 6th edition of the text, the problems for each assignment are separated by edition. For example, [e4&e5-Ch. 3: 6,9]; [e6-Ch. 3: 6,10] means problems 3.6 and 3.9 from the 4th and 5th editions (because they happen to be have the same numbers in both editions) and problems 3.6 and 3.10 from the 6th edition because problem 3.9 from the 4th and 5th editions is 3.10 in the 6th edition.

The first part of the textbook covers material you should have already seen in Physics 196. You should skim the first part to remind yourself of that material. I will assign homework that covers some of the Part 1 material not covered in Physics 196.

To minimize paper handling, please scan your homework and turn it in on Blackboard.

Homework 1 (due 8/25/2020)- [e4&e5-Ch. 3: 12; Ch. 6: 31, 34, 36]; [e6-Ch. 3: 17; Ch. 6: 33, 40, 41] Note: The answer given in the back of the book for 6.31/33 (b) is wrong.